Go India Game Kolkata Event , Go India Game Kolkata Event Quiz Answers , Go India Game Kolkata Event Answers – Hi Guys , Hope You are Enjoying Our Daily Giveaways Of Go India City Tickets. Here is One More City Specific Event Announced By Google Pay In Go India Game.

We Have Already Seen The Go India Nainital Event Then Go India Colors Event This Month & Last Month Go India Goa Event , Go India Mumbai Event , Hyderabad Event , Chennai Event , Jaipur Event , Dharamshala Event, Rangoli Event In Go India Game. Now Next Event In This Google Pay Go India Game Will Take Place In Kolkata , That Means We Will Get Free Tickets Too Of Kolkata City During Event By Just Sharing The Event Logo In Game.

Kolkata Event Date & Duration :

This Go India Kolkata Event Will Take Place From 25th December to 26th December 2020 In GooglePay’s Highly Popular Go India Game. This Will Be The last Event Of Go India Game & Game Will Finish On 26th December 2020 Unless Google Officially Extend It.

Go India Kolkata Event Rewards :

Like In All Google Pay Go India Event , During This Go India Kolkata Event Users Have To Visit The Kolkata City From Game & Answers The 5 Question Correctly To Win The Assured Scratch Card In Google Pay. From Scratching The Card , You Will Be Rewarded :

  • Upto ₹100 Cashback
  • Free KM To Travel The Another City
  • Another City Tickets

There Will be Total 5-6 Questions & You Need To Answer All Of Them Correctly To Get The Assured Scratch Card

Kolkata Event Means Free Kolkata Ticket

Kolkata is not Rare city Ticket In Go India Game. But , You Will Receive The Free Kolkata Tickets By Following Way. You Have to Travel With Your KMs & Reach The Kolkata During Event day & Participate In Event to Win The Assured Reward. You Can Earn Unlimited Kolkata Tickets By Following Way :

Step 1 : Go to Go India Offer Page and Tap on Kolkata Event

Step 2 : Tap on Kolkata Event and Share to get 1 Kolkata free (you should Have 0 )

Step 3 : Go to Tickets section and Gift the ticket you got so that you are left with 0 ticket.

Step 4 : Again do The Step 1 and then step 2 , You will have unlimited tickets

Google Pay Go India Game “Kolkata” Event – How To Visit Kolkata& Win Assured Bonus Reward 

Free Kolkata Ticket – Kolkata is Not Rare City Ticket , But During The Kolkata Event You Will Get Assured Kolkata City Ticket By Just Sharing The Event Button Like We Did in Other Events.

This Kolkata Event Will Live From 25th To 26th December 2020

1. First of All Open Given Link using Google Pay App. :

Open ]

2. Click On The Go India Game Banner. Game Will Open & Now Click On Kolkata Event Banner From Game Front Page.

3. Now, You need to stay at Kolkata City and then you can play Google Pay Kolkata City Quiz.

4. After Reaching On Kolkata City You need to Play Kolkata City Quiz. We Have Already Added Answers Of This Nainital Event Below.

Go India Kolkata Event City Quiz Answers :

  • Park Street
  • All of These
  • Shukto
  • Eden Garden
  • Never Open Gpay or Enter UPI to Receive Money
  • 1984
  • Rabindranath Tagore

We Are Adding More Answers ….Stay Tuned

All Answers Will Be Added In This Section,  Full Question & Answers Will Be Added Below 

Kolkata Event Full Questions And Answers 

We Are Adding More Answers Of This Event

1. Mother Teresa Sarani is decorated during X – Mas. How else do we know it?

Answer : Park Street

2. Puchka is also known as?

Answer : All of these

3. Which os the following is not a Bengali Sweet?

Answer : Shukto

4. The 3rd largest cricket stadium in the world (in kolkata) is known as?

Answer : Eden Gardens

5. Your receive a call on the Eve of Christmas stating that you have won a Rs.5 lakh “festive lottery”. You just need to scan a QR Code, enter your UPI PIN within the next 2 hours to claim it. You Should :

Answer : Never open GPay or enter UPI to Receive Money

6. Since when is the Kolkata Metro Operational?

Answer : 1984

7. At the Jorasanko Mansion, which Bengali legends’ home would you see?

Answer : Rabindranath Tagore

You need to Give 5 Correct Answers after Reaching on Kolkata City. Here are all Correct Answers and you can win Up To Rs.100 Google Pay Balance or City Ticket or KMs using this Quiz.


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