Android phones can be flashed using flash tool without software box. All tools listed requires PC for flashing. Usually, most of the phones with Android OS can be flashed at home without a visit to Mobile Repair Shop.

Ton of Flashing tools has been released which can be used to flash an android phone.

We had listed most popular tool among repairing technicians which are used to flash phones.

List contains tools which can be used to flash MTK, SPD, Qualcomm, Samsung phones.

1- What is Flash File?

Flash File in mobile is Operating System software that manages Mobile hardware and Software services which provides common services for Mobile programs.

2- What happens when you flash your Phone?

Flashing is the process to reinstall Android OS on the phone. With flashing Android get reinstalled and it cost data within the phone.

Flashing doesn’t void warranty of the device but downgrading of Android OS can turn phone into dead state.

Flash tool is required to install Android OS on mobile and tablet without box. Download the latest version of flash tool for free . Every CPU has different supported Tool. In order to use Flash tool, Driver has to be installed prior to Flashing.


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